Let’s Get Dirty

I know, I know.

this may be hard to hear, the germs, the mess, the clean up…You are getting goosebumps just thinking about it right? … But did you know that allowing children to play in the dirt is important to their development, and their health? Besides, it makes them have the time of their life.. Not very convinced yet? Ok, Let’s change the lens for a minute.. When it rains, where do the children automatically go? To the puddles !! Did you ever see a puddle that a child doesn’t stomp in? 

Think of each jump in the puddle as a chance for your child to learn about their own body and  about the world  . A chance for their legs to get stronger. An opportunity for their brains to learn coordination. A chance for them to express themselves in a fun way. A chance to form a deeper connection with nature…

Did you know that dirt contains microscopic bacteria called Mycobacterium Vaccae, which stimulates the immune system and increases the level of serotonin in our brains? Serotonin is an endorphin that soothes, calms, and helps us to relax. Scientists say that regular exposure to this bacteria helps reduce anxiety and stress. In fact, when your child is having a tough day and you take them outside, what happens? Within minutes of being outside around nature he starts to calm down, right? So yes, that’s one of the million reasons why I embrace mud!

This is not just a theory, for years I’ve been very lucky to witness how messy play in outdoor spaces stimulates the children’s senses in an incredible way. There’s so much for them to see, touch, smell and hear out there….
Nature and messy play… This is actually a really powerful combination. Nature’s freedom and its open-ended possibilities inspire the children’s creativity. This combination gives the children the freedom to make and feel what they want. Honestly, how do we learn better? Following our own interest! Let’s stop here for a second. Put yourself, as an adult, in that situation: Do you pay attention to something that you don’t like or like how it is presented? To something that doesn’t inspire you?

The bottom line is, here, our Little Creative Souls are free. They think outside the box, play, get dirty and make a mess. We encourage them to go outside when it is raining and feel the raindrops on their face. There is nothing greater than seeing the children remove all the barriers between the ground and their feet , feeling every texture.  You know already, the best days end in dirty clothes!

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