Why Earthy colors

You might be wondering…. Why do all  of our stations have their natural wooden color and not bright colors like in traditional schools? Do you know that colors have a strong effect on the human mood? Natural and earthy tones are soothing and warm which help children to regulate their emotions, feel secure and find peace. When the brain is at peace, the creativity is higher.. All these natural colors (white, khaki, brown, green) can be found in nature. What brings more harmony than nature itself? If the space is too colorful, the brain will perceive chaos and won’t help the children’s minds to relax.

You, as a parent, think about how certain colors make you feel…

Would you be able to work in a place where bright colors like red, orange, and yellow were all around you? Those exact colors tend to provoke feelings of over-excitement, intensity, and stress.

This is the reason that we choose neutral tones in our homes, to bring peace and serenity to our life.

Our minds are like water. When it is agitated, it’s difficult to see, understand and control. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear..

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