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Parent Involvement

I bet when you hear the words “Parent involvement” you automatically think about parents volunteering in the cafeteria or as chaperons. Don’t take me wrong, that’s part of being involved in your child’s life. But what about taking that involvement to a different level?

How would you like to place yourself in your child’s skin instead of being just next to them?  LCS parent involvement inspires parents to see life through their children’s eyes. This is the way to really know what your child is experiencing. Seeing the world from your child’s perspective not only would help you find out more about his likes, dislikes, worries and frustrations, it will also connect you emotionally with your child for a lifetime. To give your child your full attention and send the messages “ You matter to me most” and “Your opinions and choices matter to  me”. 

Sharing special time can be very beneficial for you too. This is “your excuse” to bring your inner child out to play, to forget about the stress of adult life and enjoy the small things  again, which if you really think about it, are the most fun.

I’m going to give you a few seconds so you can look at the photographs below. What do you feel? I think you’re starting to grasp what I’m trying to tell you….


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