“Skool” of thought

Bringing our Childhood back

We all had a playroom growing up it was called ‘OUTSIDE.”

I’m sure you  all agree that  our best memories of childhood happened while in an outdoor environment.  Building forts, making mud pies, sleeping under the stars, playing hide and seek, running races, climbing trees etc…. It’s time to go back to those times of our childhood, to simplicity, to running , climbing and exploring in the sunshine. Nowadays, children don’t play like we used to do. When we were kids we would come home from  school, go outside and play until the sun came down and dinner was ready. For some reason, that really doesn’t happen anymore…

It is time to start changing things here.

Society is missing the first step in life…

Learning isn’t just about learning how to spell. I believe society is missing some of the integral first steps in life.Building our identities, guidance in how to recognize emotions and how to manage them are basic life skills that are not taught. A lot takes place outside the classroom, and teaching life skills will inspire the children towards the key tools for success: kindness, emotional awareness, positivity, patience, persistence, believing in oneself, standing up for themselves and working hard. Developing life skills is important so our kids have an idea of what they want to do in life and also who they really are as humans. All this happens while the experience is seen through the children’s eyes.

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